Wednesday, July 13, 2011

School Update...

So...I have been a blog slacker. And not just on this one but on the boys too. But I am gonna TRY and do better!!!

Well, the last post covered that I was back to work and that we had found a in home day care that we liked. Well that did not pan out. The caregiver had te NERVE to take my infant out of the house and NOT inform myself or Paul. Not to mention the fact that she was not back home by the time we went to pick Noah up. Needless to say I was LIVID and had called the police on her. The boys did not go back

So after the holidays and the MASSIVE amount of snow that hit Atlanta in January Aiden started going to a school that I had my eyes on before...Kids R Kids. Besides the fact that it was an awesome facility that had a curriculum...I could watch him ONLINE!!! What mother of a child new to child care would not love that!!!

We decided to put Noah in another facility (what I later dubbed the "Ninja Daycare") down the street with the expectation of moving him to Kids R Kids once he was a year old. He has sinc emoved to Kids R Kids and he loves it just as much as Aiden.

It was an adjustment for Aiden at first but after a few weeks he was better when I dropped him off. NOW he is excited about going to school and just as excited when Paul picks them up. Now tha Noah goes there he loves to visit Noah during the day and likes to go with us when we drop/pick Noah up out of his class.

So other than the fact that we pay an arm, leg and a kidney for them to go is worth every penny. Aiden even knows some spanish!!!

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