Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Shower Invites!!!!

Teia James of Sincerely Teia finally did a post on her blog (that you can see here) about the invitations that she did for Kimmy's Baby Shower. She did SUCH a wonderful job!!!!! Everyone that has gotten the invite has called to say how much they loved them and Kimmy was happy with them as well...which was the ONLY opinion that mattered...well Kim's and my co-host Tonya!!!

As you will read in Teia's post the shower has a Onesie theme (that I came up with AFTER seeing the invite and we have LOTS of fun things happening for the shower. Kim didnt know what the theme of the shower was but since Teia put it in her post I had to let the cat out the bag. But, she has NO IDEA the fabulousness that is to come!!!!So enjoy the post over at Sincerely Teia labled "Baby Fever".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Birthday Invitations!!!!!

So my UBER talented BFF Kimmy (whose baby shower I am co hosting) designed and made Aiden's invitations for his first birthday bash!!!! She is the same person who made his gorgeous baby shower invites!!!!! Well, I am a slow bunny and forgot to include myself in the count so I didn't actually get an invitation. But I stole Lauren and Travis' so Paul could take pictures...I am not sure if I am willing to give it

So here are the pictures...I will be soon posting a link for the pictures of Kimmy's BEAUTIFUL baby shower invites made by Sincerely Teia. Enjoy!!!!

Be on the look out for the pictures from the party!!!! It is gonna be great....I am exhausted just thinking about all that I have to do in these last couple days to get ready!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you afraid of Potty Training? (I am!!!!)

So a couple days ago Aiden and I were sitting on the bed...I look up and he has taken his diaper off!!!!!! Lately he has been obsessed with his little pee pee. I was SHOCKED that he successfully took the diaper off and was SERIOUS about keeping it off. I tried a few times to put it back on but he was not having it.

I know that "taking the diaper off" is one of the first signs that your baby is ready for potty training. One problem...Aiden is not walking. I would hate to start him potty training before he can walk!!!! So I am not going to. I am actually going to wait until he is about 18 months to start potty training. But what I will continue to go is familiarize him with the potty and what you do on the potty. He is very interested to know what Mommy does when she goes into the bathroom and sits on the big white thing. And he is also obsessed with trying to play with toilet water...which freaks me out by the way!!!!

So I decided to list here for you some of the most common signs that your baby is ready to potty train (according to

  • Your child knows the words of urine, poop, or toilet
  • your child stays dry through the night
  • your child has awareness of when they are about to poop or urinate
  • your child is bothered by feeling wet or soiled
  • your child shows interest in using the potty
  • your child shows interest in wearing big boy/girl underwear like Mommy or Daddy
Here is an article on called "Ditch the Diapers" that covers everything from training pants to rewards and popular potty training techniques. And here you can find all of the popular articles about potty training.

I tell you...this is not something that I am ready to tackle right I know that boys take a little longer to potty train and are of course a little messier. So believe me I will be keeping everyone updated once I do begin to tackle the potty!!!!!

Until next time...

Monday, August 17, 2009

To Shoe or Not to Shoe

So Aiden is not quite walking yet...but I know that he is capable. I see him standing by himself for long periods of time and when it looks like he is about to take a step he squats down!!! Ugh...I am anxious with anticipation for when he FINALLY takes those steps.

Anywho, when I noticed that Aiden wanted to stand up more and push things around I did some research on kids and shoes. We all love to see our babies in cute little shoes but the reality is that shoes restrict the foot growth and bone development. So try and keep those cute little shoes on your baby as short of periods of time as possible. When it IS time to get your baby into some walker shoes make sure you get some with flexible bottoms. I love See Kai Run shoes!!!! And my Mommy bought Aiden some really cute pre-walker shoes from Stride Rite. Aiden has REALLY big feet (size 6.5) for an 11 month old so they only had one pair in his Boy oh Boy!!!

I also found that it is best that your baby learn to walk barefoot where he/she can feel the ground under their feet and use natural traction. Out with the old school hard, flat, ugly white shoes that all of our parents have bronzed on their So what can you use for around the house? I found a couple things that work if you have hardwood floors. If you are really on a budget (which we ALL are right now) you can go down to your closest Old Navy and pick up some Triple-Roll Socks that have the traction stars on the bottom....they will run you a little less than $2 each. They don't come off and the stars on the bottom make sure your baby doesn't slip around while pushing those toys. Another item that I LOVE are the Soft Shoes from One Step Ahead. They are FAB!!!! Downside is that you have to order them and they are about $10 each...but they are kinda worth every penny!!! lol...

Aiden was born in the summer so I didn't really have to worry about shoes for a while, but I felt like when it got colder he should have shoes on his Well I was wrong (even though he was cute in his little Old Navy Shoes), so get some REALLY thick socks and keep those feet warm!!!!

If and when you decide to put your baby in shoes make sure you get their feet measured and that the shoes are a half size to big. AND MEASURE OFTEN!!!! You don't want your baby's feet to be scrunched up.

Until next time Mommy's....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Prince is turning 1!!!!!!!

So Aiden will be turning 1 on the 29th of this month and I have been mentally planning his birthday party since he was We are not really doing a big party...well kinda not really. But it will be more along the line of the baby shower. It will be a cookout with lots of family and friends and about 7-10 kids...most under the age of 2!!!! lol. It will of course be at my Mommy's house because she has a HUGE yard, basket ball court, and a lot more inside room that I have in the townhouse.

Of course my very talented best friend Kimmy has done his invitations and let me just say that they are FABULOUS!!!! I will post pictures of them once I steal my mothers (I forgot to have her send one to We will have a balloons, bubbles, crown shaped cookie decorating, and possibly edible play dough. What I need to do is find a place that I can get bubble thinggys in different sizes for the different age groups. Aiden will LOVE seeing the bubbles. I am also going to see if I can buy the non toxic bubbles in Atlanta...I would rather not order them!!!!

As far as food goes, WE LOVE TO EAT!!!!! My Daddy is coming down with his wonderful girlfriend Tara and he has been conned into helping me cook...since he IS one of the best cooks that I know!!! Maybe I can get my Grandpa to send a couple briskets down with him!!!! So we will be having burgers, hot dogs, chicken, doctored up baked beans, yummy Cole slaw, guacamole, home mad pico de gallo/salsa, home made chips, and of course CAKE!!!! And of course Aiden's cake will be coming from Ella's Bakery!!!!!! She did Aiden's baby shower and Christening cake and there is NEVER any cake left

Of course Paul will be photographing Aiden's birthday party...eventhoughI would rather him not so he can really enjoy the party. We sent out 31 invitations but I have a feeling that a LOT more people will be there. Which is fine....anything to celebrate our little Prince. This will be the last big party until he can tell us what he I am thinking about My mom is already planning the


So I have been without a computer for MONTHS!!!! I have to get a new battery, but figured out that I can take the battery out and just plug the charger in...and eureka the darn thing works!!!!! I have sent out Kimmys GORGEOUS baby shower invites...I will post a link to Sincerely Teia's website so you can see pictures as soon as Kim gets hers. So be on the look out for that post. I have sooooo much mommy stuff to cover since I have been out of commission. below are a few topics that I want to cover:

  • Baby proofing for dummies...and for CHEAP!!!!
  • Potty Training...when to start and reward ideas
  • To shoe or not to shoe
  • dental care for your baby/toddler
  • and a couple great recipes that will allow your baby to feed themselves since they think that they are grown once they know how to do hand to mouth!!
I don't know what order the post will be done in but be on the look out. If you have any topics that you would like to see covered on the blog please email me at Aiden's blog has FINALLY been updated and I PROMISE to not go almost 2 months without posting again!!! I will be following this post up with a post on Aiden's Birthday Bash Plans!!!!!! So until next time....