Monday, May 24, 2010

A Star is Born!!!!

He is here!!!! FINALLY!!!! On Tuesday May 18th I went into the hospital for a 10am scheduled c-section and Noah Oliver Douglass was born at 11:06am!!!! I was anxious and scared as hell to get that spinal block (which did NOT feel good!!). But once I got it and we got to going I just wanted to see the new man in my life!!! And he was SO worth the LONG wait!!! He came out SCREAMING and pissed off that we took him out of his comfort zone!!! I wanted to get off the operating room table and soothe him so bad, but of course I couldn't!

Everything went smoothly, I got to recovery and was ready to see Noah!!! Of course he was up in the nursery meeting Daddy and Granna. My Mom was ending me pictures via text...yes I had my phone in By the time I got to the room it was almost 2pm!!!! But I was happy on I got there. Noah was beautiful he has this head full of black hair and the juiciest cheeks and lips!!! I was in love from first sight!!!

I can honestly say that I was concerned while I was pregnant. Concerned that I would not love Noah as much as I love Aiden. Aiden is my first born and I could not imagine loving two people as much as I love Aiden. Someone told me that as soon as I saw Noah that concern would go away and they were SO right.

We were in the hospital until Friday afternoon and Saturday we had lots of visitors. I over did it that day because I was HURTING for a coupe days after wards. I should NOT have been going up and down those stairs like I was, but people kept showing Learned my lesion.

Recovery has actually been a little better this time around. Maybe it is because I knew what to expect and knew what I should and should not do. So I have been keeping my butt in bed...well as much as I can take. My responsibility is Noah. Paul takes care of me and Aiden...and he has been doing pretty durn well!!! Hopefully I will get to escape out of the house soon just to do something simple like get a pedicure!!!

So below are some pictures from when we were in the hospital. Aiden stayed with Auntie Lauren and Uncle Travis the first 2 days and stayed with Granna the second 2 nights. He was in hog heaven and was not worried about coming home on Friday night. But he LOVES his little brother!!!! He wakes up asking about "baby" and kisses him first before he goes to bed at night!!! It is a beautiful thing...especially since I know it will be short lived once Noah gets a little older.

I will be doing a post this weekend comparing my experience at Northside to my experience at Crawford Long...and they were TOTALLY different. Enjoy the pictures!!!!
At the hospital bright and early...7:45am to be exact!!!
Waiting patiently for Dr. Davis-Williams to be ready for me...
Paul is dressed and ready to go!!!
My last belly shot...39 weeks 5 days!!!!
A Star is Born!!!
Isn't this cool!!! Didn't get one of these at Northside!!!!
Noah looks like he is in a burrito for
Love at first sight!!!
Hi Granna!!!!
Hi Daddy!!!
Me in recovery waiting to be able to bend my knees before they will let me go to my baby!!!
GrandPaul...the first one to get to hold Noah. (He was the first to hold Aiden too)
Proud Parents
Aiden meeting his brother for the first time...he was in awe...
Happy family...Aiden saying "feet" and pointing to Noah's feet. How cute!!!
Daddy Diaper Duty!!!!!
Aiden taking his little brother for a stroll around the room...
Noah Oliver Douglass
Oreo mouth Big Brother...Aiden Joseph Douglass
Aiden helping Daddy feed Noah his bottle...
Proud GodParents

Monday, May 10, 2010

I see the light....

This may possibly be my last post before Noah arrives!!!! I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend!!! Friday my Mom had Aiden so Paul and I could go on a date before Noah arrives. We went and say Iron Man 2 and it was GREAT!!!! But of course I was having PLENTY of contractions during the movie. And man when we got home they just kept coming and 5 minutes apart!!!! But I REFUSED to go to the hospital unless I was 100% sure I was in labor!!!!

Then I had a nice relaxing day on Saturday and Sunday started off with me going to the grocery store to stock up on items for the house before Noah arrives. That same morning before Paul and Aiden went to Mass I got hugs, kisses, and a Pocket Reader!!!! I have been wanting one forever!!!! I look forward to reading plenty of books on it!!! Then my Mommy, cousin Jareen, and her two kids came over to fix a Mother's Day Brunch!!! Aiden and Paul came home right on time to Then we all got out the house and went to the Auburn Festival downtown Atlanta. It was a beautiful 71 degrees in Atlanta which was perfect because if it was any hotter I would not have made it.

I had the bright idea of going to the festival so I could attempt to walk Noah out...well that didn't work. All that happened was me get frustrated with all the people there and end up in SERIOUS back pain for the rest of the night!!! We came home and threw some stuff on the grill and I made my first peach cobbler that came out WONDERFUL thanks to my line sister Tasha who gave me the recipe!!!

I am now 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. And just to be sure I will be bringing my overnight bag with me!!!! I hope that they admit me to the hospital for pitocin because my cervix has ripened more and I have dilated to 2-3cm!!!! Otherwise we will be going in for a c-section on Wednesday or Thursday...but I PRAY that does not happen. Stay tuned to Noah and Aiden's blog to see pictures of both because I have a feeling that once Noah comes I will be too wore out to update anything!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nursery is underway!!!!**Updated*

This weekend was VERY productive!!!!! I am SOOOO excited!!! Saturday Paul FINALLY started on the nursery!! He put the second rack up in the closet and painted both the stencil and the stars on the adjacent wall to Aiden's name and dots. The closet looks a matter of fact it inspired him to put another shelf in his closet for his And the stars came out wonderful...unfortunately the stencil did not come out so good, but it has nothing to do with anything that Paul did or did not do correctly. It looks great from a distance, but up close you can see the bleeding that occurred on the WHOLE stencil. Which is super strange. It is the same stencil company and paint that we used for Aiden's name, but the result was totally different. We are trying to decide if we want to just get another stencil with the same font or change the arrangement of the name completely. Paul took pictures with his camera...and I took a few with mine. So below are the ones I took with my camera.

Today I cleaned the infant car seat, put Aiden's clothes on the bottom rack and some of Noah's on the top rack, re arranged the drawers in the dresser (I think we may have to buy a second one...ugh), cleaned all the covers for the bouncy seats and swings, list goes on. needless to say I am in a serious nesting mode. I didn't nest while I was pregnant with Aiden and that may be because I was super swollen at the end and just ready for it to be over. With Noah I am in serious pain (back and nerve pain) and anxious to see if I will be able to have the vaginal birth that I desire so badly to have!!!!

I am having PLENTY of contractions but not all of them are painful. But I average about 4 an hour...which is good I guess. We have a doctors appointment tomorrow (37 weeks 5 days) and I HOPE she tells me that I have dilated to AT LEAST 1cm!!!! If I am not dilated I will be very disappointed and closer to accepting that next Thursday I will be having a c-section...and that will make me very sad.

There are still things on my to do list!!! I need to get the pack and play up from the closet in the guest room and clean that, bring the swing up from the guest room, we need to order the crib and get the mattress, re arrange the nursery, finish packing my bag, go to babies r us to get a couple items that I still need, find some bedding that I love (the one I fell in love with was sold out and discontinued so that is out!!), I am sure that I am missing some things. So I hope that I can get them done this week just in case Noah decides to come!!!

Wall with just the stencil
Wall after the name stencil has been painted as well as the stars
Aiden's wall...directly across from Noah's
Beginning phase of Paul putting the shelve up...
He is making GREAT progress...
And the finished product. I put Aiden's clothes on the bottom so he can access them (and he LOVES that) and only have hung up newborn and 0-3 month clothes. I need more hangers!!!! lol

**UPDATE*** I got more hangers and will be hanging up a TON (60 hangers worth) of clothes today!!! YAY!!! Also, I contacted the company that we use for the stencils (Woodland Manufacturing) and they are going to send us out a replacement stencil at no charge!!! How about that customer service. What I love about them is that you can customize the stencil to whatever font you want to use!!! How FAB is that????