Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(yes this is me)

No one's perfect,that's what they say,
And you've probably had a not-so-perfect day.

Well I'm not perfection,that's for sure.
I've had my bad days, those days with no cure.


There won't always be a second chance.
Sometimes your first is your final dance.
But if you are lucky and if God does so choose,
you'll be sent a message, go grab it... or lose.


My message came, in two bundles of joy.
That bundle just happened to be my baby boys.


I got my life together, and I got my "stuff" straight.
To have that little angel, Must have been fate.
Now I'm the person, I always knew I could be.
A Mommy to my angels, is all I ever wanted for me.

33 weeks!!!!!

The countdown is about to begin!!!! We had a doctors appointment yesterday and after a 3 hour wait (unacceptable) there is nothing new to report other than I lost 1 pound in the past 2 weeks. Which seems pretty good since I had GAINED 10 pounds in 4 weeks!!!

I am overflowing with excitement right now. This weekend is Noah's baby shower bash and I can't wait to see all of my girls!!!! It is VERY rare that I have all 4 of my best friends together (last time was for Aiden's baby shower almost 2 years ago)!!!! Tonya, Jewel and Natalia get here tomorrow evening and Kimmy gets here Friday afternoon with Naomi!!! We will go to the movies...maybe out to eat...then back home to chillax!!!! I will post pictures of Kim's beautiful baby shower invite creation as soon as Paul takes pictures of it. I just know that the shower is going to be fabulous!!! And TONS of people are coming from out of town to celebrate with us!!!

Yesterday after the doctors appointment we went by my very good friend Reco Chappel's studio so he can whip me up a dress for my shower this weekend and that is exactly what he did in an HOUR!!!! I was told that I can not wear a mommy-like dress...because Kimmy KNOWS that I I LOVE my dress he made for me...he is the one that made the black dress for the formal we went to in January.

This is him whipping it
And here are a few pictures that Paul took of my and the belly a few weeks ago right before my birthday. Normally Aiden loves putting lotion or kissing on my belly but he was just not cooperating that

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday was a busy day for us. We went to The Children's Museum, Centennial Park and to the Georgia World Congress Center for a car show...and WE WALKED FROM ONE LOCATION TO THE NEXT!!!! Not to mention that allergy season has kicked off in Atlanta and my suffering has begun. Aiden had a was so fun to watch him explore at the Children's Museum, laugh his way down the slides, and run around the car show in amazement as he wanted to get into every single car!!!! It was fun to watch as I winced in pain with each

I knew that as long as I was moving that my body would be okay...but as soon as I was stationary for a few minutes my bones would settle and my muscles would begin to tighten. So after what had to be 3 miles of walking I got in the car and low and behold...I COULD NOT GET OUT!!!! AND I could barely walk up the stairs to get into bed where I have stayed!!!! So my feet, my back, my pelvis AND my head hurt.

I was advised by my mommy to take a log hot shower...but guess what...I could NOT stand up in the shower to take Like I told Paul last night, I wish that men could experience what it feels like to be almost 8 months pregnant for 24 hours!!!! THEN maybe they will understand how we feel. But it will all be worth it in the end. Because when Noah is born all of these ailments will disappear and I will have a perfect little angel in may arms to love and cherish!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 x a DIME...

Last weekend it was my turn to turn 30...and I didnt feel like it was anything special. I mean I guess I was underwhelmed or disappointed. My birthday is a very important day to me and I tend to like to really celebrate. I always knew that I would be somewhere exotic for my 30th birthday, but accepted that it would not be possible because of my current

I wasn't surrounded by friends...who will make my birthday a big deal because they know how I feel about birthdays, but I was with Aiden, Paul and my Mommy which was good. Maybe it is that 2 of my 4 BFF's that have turned 30 recently have had great surprises for their birthdays. I just didn't feel like this birthday was about me. But oh is over now.

What was great is that I got the 3D ultrasound of Noah that I wanted for my birthday!!! He is a little cutie just like Aiden...he actually looks a lot like Aiden did in his 3D ultrasound. Noah was smiling, opening his eyes, opening his mouth, and putting his foot in his mouth. It was amazing!!!

Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks and yesterday we had our check up. I cant believe that Noah will be here in a matter of weeks. But I was in the state of shock when i was told that I had gained 10lbs since my last appointment!!!!! WHHHHAAAAATTTT!!!!! That brings me to a total of 26lbs. I am so depressed!!! is true that I have enjoyed food a lot more this time than with Aiden but DURN!!!!! So I will have to be a little more disciplined in the coming weeks with what I eat. No more sweets, and chips, and liquids that are not water or juice. I am so

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

28 weeks

This past weekend my BFF Kim came in town to celebrate her "3 Times a Dime" 30th birthday with her sister. We had the whole weekend planned out for her and she had no idea what was going was GREAT. Friday night we went to a place here in Atlanta called Sambucha's where there is live music and great food.

I decided to challenge myself and wear heels...something I do NOT normally do while So here are a few pictures that Paul took before I left.