Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noah Oliver Douglass!!!!!

It is almost 2010 and I told everyone to visit the blog or expect a text message about the sex of Baby D2. Yesterday morning we went in for our 20 week diagnostic ultrasound. Those that are mommy's know that during this ultrasound is when you would normally find out the sex of your baby. Well once again I saw it before they told us!!! IT'S A BOY!!!! And I am super excited!!! I am SOOOOO excited about having two little men!!! Boys are the best.

Of course a lot of the family will be disappointed...especially my Mom and Paul's Grandmother. My Mom will get over it much faster than his Grandmother But I am not one of those women that has to have a little girl. And this will be the last product that comes out of this baby factory!!! lol.

We have gone back and forth with the first name. I personally lean towards Elijah...but Paul likes Noah better and I gave him the option. Oliver is my Paternal Grandfathers middle name...and of course

So be on the look out for the launch of Noah's personal blog and follow us on the journey that is Baby #2!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its Poppy Dip!!!!!!

I was on Facebook today and the photographer who took our maternity, newborn and Aiden's Valentine's pictures, Andrea Young of Georgia Lane Photography, had posted a link to her blog, Babe of My Heart, where she had her cute little girl Laney in a "It's Poppy Dip" dress!!! It is sooo cute!!!!!

The brain behind these cute dresses is Sallee a wife and mother of 5 (3 biological and 2 adopted from Ethiopia) who is making these dresses to help fund the adoption of their third child!!! How awesome is that????!!!! It's Poppy Dip means "Everything is Good" and it is an expression that her 2 year old from Ethipoia loves to say when he is happy. I thought that was so cute!!!! She has a site for the dresses and on that site you can click on a link that will direct you to their blog.

So here is the rundown. They are short and long sleeve dresses for little girls from size 12 months to size 7!!!! They come in a variety of patterns and are too cute with a pair of leggings!!!!! She is taking orders up to December 15th and will then be oh hiatus until the 15th of January when she will introduce new fabrics. I am telling EVERYONE about this wonderful cause. What is better than spending money for a great cause!!!!!!

So pass the a few dresses...and support the family. Andrea Young and her Husband also have the Wiphan Care Minisrty where they help Widows and Orphans in Zambia, Africa!!!! I have not had the pleasure of meeting Andrea's husband but her spirit is a beautiful can just see it!!! It is one of the main reasons Paul and I chose her to do the photographs of the last baby!!!! You can go to their Wiphan site to learn more about their mission and donate funds to help them continue to help others.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tis the Season...

I recently updated Aiden's blog with pictures of us decorating the tree. He was so funny during the whole process. I just KNEW that the ornaments were not going to be on the tree very long and sure enough during the first week all the ornaments at the bottom of the tree were GONE!!!! lol...hilarious. I have not yet done a post on the new baby on Aiden's site and I will wait until we know the sex of Baby D2 (Douglass #2...he he he).

So much going on this month. One of my BFF's Kimmy and her precious little Naomi Grace will visit us either this weekend or sometime next week. Then Paul's birthday is on the 20th so we will have dinner with his family. I still have yet to do any Christmas shopping so I need to do that either this weekend or sometime next week. Then of course there is Christmas on the 25th. We will start the day off with opening gifts here at home...then heading on over to my mothers house or breakfast, gifts and the preparation of dinner. Aiden and Paul will get to just veg out for the day while I slave in the Once dinner is over and we clean up Paul, Aiden and I will hit the road and go to Murfreesboro to visit with Lubby, Bob-Bob and everyone else up there!!! It is gonna be a blast!!!!

We will be there until Tuesday when we have to get on the road that morning to be at a doctors appointment that afternoon. Then we have plans to go out to a New Years Eve party...IF we have a babysitter (we have one offer for excited!!!!)...where I will don a Reco Chapple original!!! He is going to step out of his comfort zone for me and make me a maternity dress!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Whew...and we are doing all this on my diminished pregnant energy supply. Oh and did I mention that I think I am going to try and make Paul a Chocolate cake for his birthday...from scratch!!! I am not a baker by any stretch of the imagination but it can not be rocket science!!!!

So be on the look out for pictures from the Birthday Dinner where I will unveil my cake!!! lol...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stroller for two!!!!!!

So now that I know I will be a mommy of two VERY soon I have been on the look out for a stroller for two that I can use with an infant car seat and have Aiden sit comfortably as well. I also need for it to be able to seat both children comfortably once the new baby is out of the car seat.
While I was pregnant with Aiden, Paul and I wen to the Atlanta Caribbean festival downtown and we saw two little girls in the COOLEST stroller EVER!!!! They little girls were facing each other and looked super comfy in it. Of course as I was doing my stroller research in the hunt for the best one for Aiden I had come across the stroller but since it was for two I didn't look at it for to So when I saw it I was like, "ooooooh so that is what it looks like".

The stroller that I am talking about is the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Stroller. And I am SOOOO excited about it. Thank goodness that everything that we chose for Aiden is gender neutral so the only things we have to get are another crib and a stroller to accommodate two children. This stroller is not small by any stretch of the imagination but it will definitely do the job!!!! I played with it at Babies R Us and got a little too into it...I think I need to get a job

Of course there are other strollers out there but only a couple Tandem strollers (that are NOT sit and stands). The Kolcraft and the Graco DuoGlider were the only two that were comparable to each other. I just love the look and quality of the Kolcraft...the average price online for it is $219 which is not too bad since my Peg Perego was over $300!!!!! And it comes in Ruby (as seen in the pics) or Not to say that we will always use this stroller but if I am out alone with the two children having two strollers or a side by side is not my idea of fun!!!!

This stroller is PERFECT for someone with I mean PERFECT. Because you can actually put your infants into the stroller seats and there is support for smaller babies. So you don't have to wait until 6 months!!!!! How cool is that...see the pics below for a visual.
That looks so comfortable to me!!!! I sound a little too excited about this stroller don't I? Well I am...I get very pumped about gear for Mommy's (and Daddy's) that makes having a child or more than one child easier on us. Because God knows that having a child is not for the weak at heart...and I can only imagine how it is going to be having two children under 2!!!!!!

As I find things for a Mommy of two I will be updating the blog with what I think of the items. But there is not much more that I am expecting to have to buy. We will get a second high chair just like the one we have, no need for an infant car seat because we have that covered, get another crib like the one we have, and eventually get a second Radian car seat.

Aiden's blog has been update with pictures from the tree decorating and we will soon put this pics up from Thanksgiving. And lots of exciting stuff going on this month so visit his blog periodically to stay updated!!!