Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Loss and Life

My Grandfather has been ill for a while. Knowing that I have tried to make sure that I get up there with the boys at LEAST twice a year to see him. I even gave Noah his middle name of Oliver.

This is a picture of my Grandpa and My Nana (grandmother)

Saturday I got the call that I knew was coming but I didn't want to receive. I have not yet dealt with the loss but I know that once I get to Minnesota tomorrow night it will become real to me and the grieving will begin. He lived life to the fullest with, what I assume, are very few regrets. He even got married this past January to the woman that he has been with for 40 years. I was able to make it up for the wedding reception (after the worst traveling experience of my life) and was SO happy that I did.

Me and my sisters with my Grandfather at the wedding reception (IDK what I am looking at! lol)

Going to Minnesota will be bittersweet. In addition to my Grandfather passing away Saturday my BFF Natalia gave birth to her second son yesterday!!!! One year and exactly 2 months after Noah was born!!! I am so happy for her...now I just wish that she would name him already!!! And of course he is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

So in addition to getting to sending my Grandfather home...I will get to spend time with Baby Trent!!!!

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