Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery for my baby-Tubes in the ears

Ever since December Noah has had reoccuring ear infections. As a matter of fact...from February until May he had the SAME ear infection. No matter what antibiotic they gave him it woul just not go away.

So at the beginning of May we went to an ENT who told me what I had not really wanted to hear...that he was going to require surgery to put tubes in his ears. I was freaking out...but it was necessary. His speach was pretty much non existant and he was not sleeping well. I knew that no matter how scared I was he would feel so much better.

He had the surgery a week after his birthday...his birthday party was AWESOME by the way, we partiedlike ROCK STARS (that was the theme). Unfortunately I was not able to be at the hospital with him because of a work obligation (tear) but Paul sent me pictures and let me know that everything went well. They even came and visited me at work on the way from the hospital.

Noah in the pre op room before surgery

Another pre op pictuer that Paul sent me to make me feel worked.

Since that day Noah's speach has progressed RAPIDLY!!! He is a new baby!!! He dances to music like never before and his balance is great!!! They said that if he had not had that fluid in his ears that he probably would have walked a couple months sooner. I am so happy that we went ahead with it.

You can go to this link to get information on the different types of ear infections. And here to learn about getting tubes in the ears. They say that if your child has 3 ear infection within a 6 month period that they should see an ENT.

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