Tuesday, December 14, 2010



So Since October of last year I have been out of a job. Which worked out okay since I was pregnant with Noah. And up until then I had not had to put Aiden in any kind of daycare because of the flexibility I had with my previous job.

Well last week I was BLESSED with a new AMAZING job…which made me realize that BOTH boys would have to go into day care. I knew that Aiden would be going into school soon but had put it off because the school I was interested in required that he be potty trained…and we are not quite there yet. But the realization that Noah would not be in my care until he was 2 like Aiden just broke my little heart.

Paul and I both agreed that in home child care would be preferable. And after PULENTY of research and a failed visit…we found a woman that we liked!!!! And today was their first day!!!! I am so proud of myself…I didn’t cry and I only called once!!!

The fact that Aiden  was SUPER excited to go today made it easier on me…lol. And when he got home he was STILL excited!!! Which makes me very happy. Noah of course cried for about half of the day but then warmed up to her and enjoyed the rest of the day…whew.

So this the beginning of a new journey of us. Keep us in our prayers!!!

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