Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Boy Bed!!!!

I have wanted to get Aiden his first big boy bed for a few months now. I had found the one that I like the most and Aiden even liked it. Sunday after Paul and I went to get the boys we went to Ikea to look at the bed one last time. THEN Paul was like...okay lets go buy it!!! I was excited like it was my bed!!! lol.

When we got home Paul instantly went to putting it together and Aiden was SOOOOO excited. He was helping Daddy put together his 'big boy bed'. He even slept all night in there!!!

I have to say it is a pretty durn cool bed...and comfortable too!!! I slept in there with him for a few hours this morning...lol.

To check it out, head over to Aiden's Blog.


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