Thursday, July 14, 2011


So...a year or so ago we started the potty journey with Aiden. There was some reluctance in the beginning...well hell who am I fooling...some resistance during the entire process. But I am happy to say that since we returned from Nassau Aiden is potty trained!!!! woo hoo!!! (insert happy dance WITH pelvic thrusts)

For matter how much we bribed him with candy (lol), he resisted the potty. He just did not want to go when he had to go. We tried the "let him walk around naked and he will be potty trained at the end of a couple days" strategy. What did that teach us? That as long as he was naked he would go to the potty. But since he could not be naked ALL DAY, EVERY DA.Y...that didn't work.

We tried the "put the potty in the middle of the room" strategy, and that only worked a couple times.

We tried the "let him feel the wet and he wont do it anymore" strategy, and frankly...Aiden did not give a crap if he was went nor dirty. He never had, so I don't know why we thought that he would all of a sudden care.

We listened to the teachers say that he would get motivated to be potty trained because he would see the other kids in his class going. Well...that didn't work either. Everyday that we went to pick him up there was a check by the wet mark on his report card.

Interesting enough...I think it was my dad that got Aiden potty trained in less than 3 days!!! We went to the Bahamas and he did not ONCE wear a pull up outside the room. Every time he had to go potty he either went himself or he told me he had to go!!! I was shocked!! Ever since he has been ON IT!!! It is hilarious when he says, "I have to go boo boo" then as he is running to the bathroom he is saying "hold it...hold it" lol.

Needless to say I am happy that I have one kid in undies. There are days where Aiden will tell me that he does not want to wear undies but that he wants to wear a pull up. And those are the days that I know he is in a lazy kind of mood. He only gets the pull up luxury at night.

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