Thursday, July 14, 2011

My BFF's...feeling sentimental

Most people go their entire lives not being able to say that they have ONE great girlfriend. Well I am blessed to be able to say that I have TWO!!!!

Natalia and I have been friends our entire lives...and our mothers have been friends for a long time as well. We grew up going everywhere together...including to the Bahamas regularly. True we did loose touch when I went to college, but once we reconnected we have been inseparable. She is gorgeous, HILARIOUS, smart, a great mom, and the list goes on. The ironic thing is that we now both have 3 year olds (born 6 months apart) and she is about to have (ON MONDAY!!!) her second son that will be one year younger than Noah!!! How cool is that? They will grow up as best friends just as we did. I am SUPER excited to meet my new nephew and have booked my flight to go up next month already!!!

Jewel (my Jewel) and I have been best friends since our sophomore year in high school. She is a very special person to me. She is my sounding board. She is the person I know will tell me the truth and give me a unbiased opinion no matter what the subject. She is the most intelligent person I know and deserves all of the life rewards that she is receiving...and did I mention she is pretty easy on the eyes as well. She is Aiden's Godmother and the first person I thought of to take on that role when I became pregnant.

I am not sure what I would do without these ladies. I love them as if they were my sisters and in my mind they are. It is true that I have a couple other girlfriends...but they do not know me like Jewel and Natalia do. I know that I could ask them for anything and they would be there for me no questions asked and with no reservations or judgements.

I also have a couple male friends that are pretty high on my list of important people in my life...but that is a whole different post. For some reason people have this belief that women and men can not have a non sexual genuine friendship...and I do not agree.

Anywho...I guess the fact that I spoke with Jewel last night and think about Natalia and her upcoming birth daily made me want to share with everyone the love I have for my "sisters". I miss them dearly and wish that we could get together more often. BUT I do get to see both of them next month so I am excited about that.

I hope that some of you are as lucky as I am. And I am VERY you girls!!!

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