Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving thanks this Thanksgiving....

Well this has been a whirlwind year for me...not all in a good way either. But I am thankful for so many things. First of all Aiden Joseph Douglass!!!!!!!! Aiden makes all things better. Then there is my health, my home, and my piece of mind!!!! Then there are my fabulous friends who always help me put things into perspective or just to make me laugh!!!!!! And last but not least my family...near and far...and those that have made me part of their family.

This holiday just like every other Thanksgiving for the past 4 years I will be at the Douglass' for dinner. This year will be more interesting than in the past...if that is really possible...but I will share more about that after the holiday. Then normally there is a birthday dinner the day after Thanksgiving for Paul's Step-mother.

Tomorrow I will be picking up my not so little, little brother from the airport. We will be spending the morning together doing what he likes to do best...going to the movies!!!! lmbo...then I will be taking him to my mothers house and rushing back home to anxiously await the arrival of Paul's mother...aka Lubby. She is coming in for the rest of the week and has not yet seen Aiden walk!!! Then on Wednesday my BFF (and Aiden's Godmother) Jewel will be getting in town for a couple days. We will hang out all day on Wednesday then she will hang with her Aunt on Thanksgiving. Aiden's Great Grandparents and TT will be here Wednesday as well...come to think of it...none of them have seen Aiden walk. This should be very interesting!!!!

So as you see we have a very big week ahead of us!!! What are you thankful for and how will you spend this holiday kick off????

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