Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Shower Invites!!!!

Teia James of Sincerely Teia finally did a post on her blog (that you can see here) about the invitations that she did for Kimmy's Baby Shower. She did SUCH a wonderful job!!!!! Everyone that has gotten the invite has called to say how much they loved them and Kimmy was happy with them as well...which was the ONLY opinion that mattered...well Kim's and my co-host Tonya!!!

As you will read in Teia's post the shower has a Onesie theme (that I came up with AFTER seeing the invite and we have LOTS of fun things happening for the shower. Kim didnt know what the theme of the shower was but since Teia put it in her post I had to let the cat out the bag. But, she has NO IDEA the fabulousness that is to come!!!!So enjoy the post over at Sincerely Teia labled "Baby Fever".

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