Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Prince is turning 1!!!!!!!

So Aiden will be turning 1 on the 29th of this month and I have been mentally planning his birthday party since he was We are not really doing a big party...well kinda not really. But it will be more along the line of the baby shower. It will be a cookout with lots of family and friends and about 7-10 kids...most under the age of 2!!!! lol. It will of course be at my Mommy's house because she has a HUGE yard, basket ball court, and a lot more inside room that I have in the townhouse.

Of course my very talented best friend Kimmy has done his invitations and let me just say that they are FABULOUS!!!! I will post pictures of them once I steal my mothers (I forgot to have her send one to We will have a balloons, bubbles, crown shaped cookie decorating, and possibly edible play dough. What I need to do is find a place that I can get bubble thinggys in different sizes for the different age groups. Aiden will LOVE seeing the bubbles. I am also going to see if I can buy the non toxic bubbles in Atlanta...I would rather not order them!!!!

As far as food goes, WE LOVE TO EAT!!!!! My Daddy is coming down with his wonderful girlfriend Tara and he has been conned into helping me cook...since he IS one of the best cooks that I know!!! Maybe I can get my Grandpa to send a couple briskets down with him!!!! So we will be having burgers, hot dogs, chicken, doctored up baked beans, yummy Cole slaw, guacamole, home mad pico de gallo/salsa, home made chips, and of course CAKE!!!! And of course Aiden's cake will be coming from Ella's Bakery!!!!!! She did Aiden's baby shower and Christening cake and there is NEVER any cake left

Of course Paul will be photographing Aiden's birthday party...eventhoughI would rather him not so he can really enjoy the party. We sent out 31 invitations but I have a feeling that a LOT more people will be there. Which is fine....anything to celebrate our little Prince. This will be the last big party until he can tell us what he I am thinking about My mom is already planning the

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