Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you afraid of Potty Training? (I am!!!!)

So a couple days ago Aiden and I were sitting on the bed...I look up and he has taken his diaper off!!!!!! Lately he has been obsessed with his little pee pee. I was SHOCKED that he successfully took the diaper off and was SERIOUS about keeping it off. I tried a few times to put it back on but he was not having it.

I know that "taking the diaper off" is one of the first signs that your baby is ready for potty training. One problem...Aiden is not walking. I would hate to start him potty training before he can walk!!!! So I am not going to. I am actually going to wait until he is about 18 months to start potty training. But what I will continue to go is familiarize him with the potty and what you do on the potty. He is very interested to know what Mommy does when she goes into the bathroom and sits on the big white thing. And he is also obsessed with trying to play with toilet water...which freaks me out by the way!!!!

So I decided to list here for you some of the most common signs that your baby is ready to potty train (according to

  • Your child knows the words of urine, poop, or toilet
  • your child stays dry through the night
  • your child has awareness of when they are about to poop or urinate
  • your child is bothered by feeling wet or soiled
  • your child shows interest in using the potty
  • your child shows interest in wearing big boy/girl underwear like Mommy or Daddy
Here is an article on called "Ditch the Diapers" that covers everything from training pants to rewards and popular potty training techniques. And here you can find all of the popular articles about potty training.

I tell you...this is not something that I am ready to tackle right I know that boys take a little longer to potty train and are of course a little messier. So believe me I will be keeping everyone updated once I do begin to tackle the potty!!!!!

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