Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shower update!!!!

Tonya and I are pretty much done planning Kimmy's baby shower and I am so excited about how fabulous it is going to be. I cant believe that I have to wait until September to actually enjoy it. I went to Teia's house yesterday to do something, I was just tryin to be nosey, and got a glimpse of the invites!!!!!! They are SOOOO beautiful...and that word does not even do them justice!!!! We had to tweek them a little because Teia has OCD and would never do anything taht does not look 100% perfect (which is one of the things I love about her), but the tweeks makes them even more fab!!!

Then I realized that I didnt order any thank you cards...ugh!!! So we had to design some and she will have to order MORE paper and supplies. Man we REALLY love Kimmy. Who knew that invitations were so darn will be worth the smile on Kimmy's face. Now it is on to ordering centerpieces and decorations. And I guess I should put together the ONE game that we are going to play. Of course I cant say too much because Kimmy reads the blog. But I cant wait for people to get their invites and to enjoy the shower we have planned for our very special friend and her 'little blessing'.

Check out Teia's blog at Sincerely Teia and I will do a post later when her web site gets launched. Also, you can visit the pregnancy blog of our Kimmy (here).

The glowing Mommy to Be!!!

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