Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby FEVER!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOO excited. One of my best friends in the WHOLE world and my Sorority Sister Kimberly Griffin is having a BABY!!!!!!! Words can not express how happy I am for her and Joe. She is most deserving of the gift that she is carrying in her belly!!! She has done a pregnancy blog and it tells the story of how I TOLD her that she was pregnant when she was here for my Birthday well as a bunch of good stuff (including pictures) about her pregnancy. She knew that she was pregnant but wanted to keep it to herself until later in the pregnancy. But she knew that I was going to be able to Call it Mommy Intuition!!!!

So Tonya (our other BFF) and I are planning the most fabulous baby shower EVER (Well next to Aiden's lol)!!!! Befitting of the PRINCESS that she is carrying. Kimmy designs and makes the MOST BEAUTIFUL initiations, and did Aiden's much talked about baby shower can go to his blog to see them. So when it came to getting invites for her shower we knew that we could not get her the run of the mill invite....and I didn't want HER to do her own invites because everything is going to be a surprise!!! So I contacted my Spec who is also SUPER talented when it comes to invites and cards...Teia James. Her business' name is Sincerely Teia (cute huh?) and you can check out her blog to get some info on who she is and what her vision is.

Teia is a new Mommy herself to a handsome little man, Mr. Carter I was a little hesitant to ask her to do the invites. But I assumed that if I asked far enough in advance she would be more likely to do them. I WAS RIGHT!!!! I was over her house one day and she started showing me samples of invites that she has seen or done and she showed me something that I FELL IN LOVE WITH. And have since then based the theme of the shower from the invite. So I went to her house for my consultation on Friday thinking it would not take long. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I was there for 3 hours!!! I, of course, had to pick something that was intricate so we had to pick different papers and embellishments!!!! Well all I will say is that these invites are probably going to be BETTER than Aiden's!!!! And that is pretty darn hard to believe. I am so excited about them!!!!!

Then on Saturday I went to Alabama to visit the Mommy to Be and to handle some of the baby planning...yes I am her baby planner!!! So we went and did one of her registries and I had already had a pretty good idea of what she was looking for when it came to furniture so when I showed it to her and she loved it I was SUPER happy. She looks beautiful and so very happy....and I really like Joe (he has been hiding from her friends!!! lol). And we even went and got some baby clothes...she had not bought anything for the baby yet. By my 20th week Aiden had a FULL But don't worry Auntie Aja will be spoiling her ROTTEN!!!!! I love girl clothes!!!!

This week will be pretty uneventful but be on the look out for my posting about bottles and breastfeeding info. Hopefully I will get both done before the end of the week. My darn computer needs a new battery and I have just not gotten around to ordering one :(.

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