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I know that I said that I would try and post this last week...and I did But it was a busy week topped off by a busy weekend. Needless to say it is time for a baby item review. When I do these posts it will be based off my experience as well as feed back that I have gotten from other Mommy's...since everyone has a different experience and view point.

When I was pregnant with Aiden I did as much research on every product imaginable so I could make the best decision possible when it came to his baby gear. When it came to bottles Paul and I wanted something that was BPA free. If you are unfamiliar with what BPA is and what effect it may have on your baby just click here for more info. Now when you go to Babies R Us, Target, or any other place that sells bottles, all the items will have big labels that say BPA free. Babies R Us now ONLY sells BPA free bottles and sippy cups. The only TRUE way to be 100% BPA free is to use glass items. So when Aiden was a baby we used the Playtex Drop In system for all his 4oz bottles and for all of his 8oz bottles we used the Evenflo Glass bottles. Mind you Aiden was only using 4oz bottles for like 6 weeks because he was so

Aiden is super strong...he holds his glass bottle up with ONE

We have had great success with both bottles. The drop in bottles have the wide neck nipples that are great for newborns and the glass bottles can accommodate various flow nipples including Y-Cut nipples for cereal bottles. Aiden was not fully breast fed because I had a breast reduction 10 years ago, so I knew that I was going to have to supplement. He ate like a champ from the drop in bottles and never had a problem with gas...and had a seamless transition to the "old school" glass bottles. But one minor problem that I am experiencing now is that Aiden likes to throw his bottles down in public...I have had 2 break...not cute. So I will be going to get him some Born Free bottles for when we go out in

Now there are TONS of BPA free bottles out there. Born Free is probably the most commonly known line of baby products. They have everything from bottles, to pacifiers to sippy cups. They come in both plastic and glass...and have a pretty hefty price tag (one of the main reasons I didn't use them). But from the review that I got from Mommy Teia they are GREAT!!! Her son is 100% breast fed and he has had no nipple confusion with these bottles. Which is great. These bottles do have an air vent system in place to prevent colic...which is also great.

Another bottle that is popular is the Dr. Brown's line of baby bottles....the reason that I didn't like this line (and why a lot of other Mommy's don't as well) is because of ALL the parts you have to clean in order to use the product. UGH...that would get on my nerves. I mean making the time to clean bottles is bad enough but having to clean 3-4 parts per bottle would be very time consuming.

Also, if your baby is breast fed do not get fixated on a certain type of bottle because your baby may not like the nipple that comes with the bottle. So buy a couple that YOU really would like for your baby to use...and if he/she does not take to the nipple...try a couple other brands. It can be trail and error...but you WILL find something that works.

When it comes to bottle accessories....I bought the Evenflo Bottle Cozys for the glass bottles and they are great for when you are on the go. I also SWEAR by my The First Years bottle warmer. What I love about this item (that is still at my bed side) is that it has a cooler on the back that can hold 2 bottles and keep the cold over night!!!!! So for all of you mommy's that don't want to get out of bed or go downstairs to get the midnight feeding can be right there for you when you need it!!!! And when you no longer need the warmer you can take the cooler off and just use that. Aiden prefers his bottles cold so I have not been using the warmer since he was like 4 months. But the cooler is a fixated item on my night stand!!!! I recommend ALL of my mommy's to be to register for this item. Also, I know that a lot of you mommy's register for the nice portable bottle coolers for the diaper bag, but Similac will send you a starter bag that will include the best travel bottle cooler. It is not as large as the ones that you will buy...AND IT IS FREE!!!! I love much so that I just ordered another one for a back up. I already posted about my favorite bottle brushes, but in case you didn't see it before click here to check them out.

One more thing before I wrap this your money when it comes tot he sterilizer products. All it takes to sterilize bottles and nipples is boiling them in water once a week for about 3 minutes!!! THAT IS IT!!! So why waste money on something that can be done so easily for free. Buy yourself or your baby something nice with that cashola!!!! I know that I don't post enough pictures of my little man so the next post will be all about AIDEN!!!!

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