Friday, May 22, 2009

Lactose Free Yogurt(***Update***)

A common occurrence in new babies is that they can be lactose intolerant. Sometimes they grow out if it by 12 months...and sometimes they don't. Well we found out very early that Aiden was lactose intolerant...and he does not get it from my side of the

I personally LOVE cheese and Aiden is at the point where I would give him things like cheese and yogurt but since he is lactose intolerant that is not an option. So I went on a search for yogurt alternatives...and guess what...there are not many options...especially when you are trying to stay away from soy.

I did happen to find a lactose-free organic yogurt called True Yogurt that is out of Vermont. Unfortunately it is only available at Whole Food stores in the Upper East Coast. And guess what...they will not ship it to me either!!!!! What kind of mess is that???? So I went to my local Whole Foods to see what other options I had. And eureka...there is a goat milk option as well as a coconut milk option. I had never thought to try goats milk nor did I know that there was such a thing as coconut milk yogurt.

Also while I was at Whole Foods I picked up some locally grown peaches for Aiden to eat with the yogurt. So tomorrow morning will be the first try...and I think I will start with the goats milk yogurt, give it a few days...and see if he has the stomach discomfort that comes with lactose products. Pray for me people...and look out for my reviews of both!!!!!


So I tried the Goats Milk yogurt first and he LOVED IT!!!!! YAY!!! And since giving it to him over 24 hours ago there has been no stomach discomfort!!! Double YAY!!! I gave it to him with some pureed peaches...which he loved as well...and at first he made the cutest yuck face, but then wanted more. He ate 2oz of the combination. So I will be keeping a supply of that yogurt in the house at all times. The only down side is that it does not have a lot of calcium in it...which is a big downer for me. But I will find other ways for him to get the calcium that he needs.

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