Monday, May 10, 2010

I see the light....

This may possibly be my last post before Noah arrives!!!! I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend!!! Friday my Mom had Aiden so Paul and I could go on a date before Noah arrives. We went and say Iron Man 2 and it was GREAT!!!! But of course I was having PLENTY of contractions during the movie. And man when we got home they just kept coming and 5 minutes apart!!!! But I REFUSED to go to the hospital unless I was 100% sure I was in labor!!!!

Then I had a nice relaxing day on Saturday and Sunday started off with me going to the grocery store to stock up on items for the house before Noah arrives. That same morning before Paul and Aiden went to Mass I got hugs, kisses, and a Pocket Reader!!!! I have been wanting one forever!!!! I look forward to reading plenty of books on it!!! Then my Mommy, cousin Jareen, and her two kids came over to fix a Mother's Day Brunch!!! Aiden and Paul came home right on time to Then we all got out the house and went to the Auburn Festival downtown Atlanta. It was a beautiful 71 degrees in Atlanta which was perfect because if it was any hotter I would not have made it.

I had the bright idea of going to the festival so I could attempt to walk Noah out...well that didn't work. All that happened was me get frustrated with all the people there and end up in SERIOUS back pain for the rest of the night!!! We came home and threw some stuff on the grill and I made my first peach cobbler that came out WONDERFUL thanks to my line sister Tasha who gave me the recipe!!!

I am now 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. And just to be sure I will be bringing my overnight bag with me!!!! I hope that they admit me to the hospital for pitocin because my cervix has ripened more and I have dilated to 2-3cm!!!! Otherwise we will be going in for a c-section on Wednesday or Thursday...but I PRAY that does not happen. Stay tuned to Noah and Aiden's blog to see pictures of both because I have a feeling that once Noah comes I will be too wore out to update anything!!!!!

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