Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crib Recalls

So there have been some crib recalls recently (all of which seem to have to do with drop side cribs) and I thought it best that I put the info on the blog so it is easy for my mommy followers to find. I hope this helps.

Cribs made by Dorel Asia SRL (Click Here)-These cribs have had a recall of the hardware holding up the side of the crib where the drop rail is.

Cribs from Dorel Distribution Canada (Click Here) recalled their drop side cribs as well.

Cribs made by Storkcraft (Click Here) recalling cribs due to faulty hardware on drop side cribs. Cribs with metal rods rather than the plastic trigger are not included in the recall. Storkcraft is providing repair kits to convert the drop sides to fixed sides. To get the kit please click here.

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