Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cool Baby Gear Item

A little before Christmas my BFF Kimmy and her new little angel Naomi came to visit Aiden and I. It was a great weekend and I got a glimpse into how GREAT a big brother Aiden will be to Noah. Naomi is just too precious!!! She sleeps a lot!!! And through the night which I am not ashamed to admit that I am COMPLETELY jealous of!!! Here is a picture of Kimmy taking a picture of Aiden and Naomi together.

So while she was here we went to this cute little baby boutique that opened this year over off of N. Atlanta Road. We went there because Kimmy is trying to figure out bedding for Naomi's crib and they do custom bedding there. The first time I went in the MONTHS ago I said to them thank goodness you all were not open when I was pregnant because I would have lost my mind in there....well now I AM pregnant so I took a good look around. And what did I find but the Pop-A-Tot portable stationary activity center!!!!

Isn't it cute!!!!!???? I gotta get one to take to Granna's or out of town or out to the beach or to the park...heck you can take it anywhere!!!! And it is only $50 people!!! WHHHAAAATTT!!!!! Or $75 with a cute umbrella for outdoor use.

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