Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its Poppy Dip!!!!!!

I was on Facebook today and the photographer who took our maternity, newborn and Aiden's Valentine's pictures, Andrea Young of Georgia Lane Photography, had posted a link to her blog, Babe of My Heart, where she had her cute little girl Laney in a "It's Poppy Dip" dress!!! It is sooo cute!!!!!

The brain behind these cute dresses is Sallee a wife and mother of 5 (3 biological and 2 adopted from Ethiopia) who is making these dresses to help fund the adoption of their third child!!! How awesome is that????!!!! It's Poppy Dip means "Everything is Good" and it is an expression that her 2 year old from Ethipoia loves to say when he is happy. I thought that was so cute!!!! She has a site for the dresses and on that site you can click on a link that will direct you to their blog.

So here is the rundown. They are short and long sleeve dresses for little girls from size 12 months to size 7!!!! They come in a variety of patterns and are too cute with a pair of leggings!!!!! She is taking orders up to December 15th and will then be oh hiatus until the 15th of January when she will introduce new fabrics. I am telling EVERYONE about this wonderful cause. What is better than spending money for a great cause!!!!!!

So pass the word...buy a few dresses...and support the family. Andrea Young and her Husband also have the Wiphan Care Minisrty where they help Widows and Orphans in Zambia, Africa!!!! I have not had the pleasure of meeting Andrea's husband but her spirit is a beautiful one...you can just see it!!! It is one of the main reasons Paul and I chose her to do the photographs of the last baby!!!! You can go to their Wiphan site to learn more about their mission and donate funds to help them continue to help others.

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