Monday, October 12, 2009

In his crib!!!!!

Ever since the day Aiden was born he has slept with bed with me. EVEN IN THE HOSPITAL!!! And I loved every day of it!!!! He has never slept through the night and there are a few things that I assumed contributed to that. First of all...he was sleeping with me so when I moved I am sure I was disturbing his sleep. And second, my family has a history of sleep disorders. I have insomnia and my sister has narcolepsy. So when we went to the Pediatrician last time I expressed my concern and asked what her recommendation was...of course she recommended a sleep study. Hmmmm...I had one done about 6 years ago and I was not too excited about putting Aiden through that AND even if they do find that he has sleep issues they can not treat him so what is the point?

Since that appointment Paul (Aiden's father) and I have been (well more him than me because i like sleeping with very focused on getting him transitioned to his crib. And guess what!!!! HE NOW SLEEPS IN HIS CRIB!!!! He has in the past 2 months only slept through the night twice. Normally he wakes around 1 and 5am, one of goes in there...soothes him...and he goes back to sleep. But he ALWAYS wakes up between 7:30 and 8am...regardless of what time he goes to

I cant say that he is any better or worse now that he sleeps in his crib...and I also cant say that I sleep any better now that he is in his crib. But it is something that had to be done.

People will always give you advice that you don't necessarily ask for and the advice that I got often (even from those without children...and that is a no no in my book) is that I should NOT LET AIDEN SLEEP WITH ME...because it will be hard to get him out of my bed. Well, I can honestly say that I do not regret for one second having Aiden sleep with me. And if I had to do it over again I a heart beat.

This is YOUR experience with YOUR handle that experience as YOU feel is right for YOU and YOUR baby!!!!

Until next time...

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