Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back from Bama...

This past weekend Aiden and I hit the road to go and get Mommy to be Kimmy fully prepared for the upcoming arrival of Baby Naomi Grace. It has been WELL over a year since I got ready for a baby and I did everything I had no idea how tiring it would be!!!! I was seeing It was loads of fun though. Little girl stuff is so cute and great!!!! I love it...makes me want a little girl!!!!!

I had to assemble the co sleeper (I have NO CLUE why I didn't get one of those but I WILL have one for the next baby), assemble swing, assemble bouncer, assemble and demonstrate snap and go, install car seat, and go to babies r us and Target (both to make sure she had everything she needed for the arrival and next 3 months. Kim washed all of her clothes up to 3 months and sterilized all bottles/nipples. I also had to stay on here about ordering her FAB diaper bag!!!! It was well worth the trip. I love spending time with Kimmy...Joe (her fiance) is HILARIOUS...and it makes me feel wonderful to be able to help a friend.

Baby Naomi is a lucky little girl!!!! She has two doting parents anxiously awaiting her arrival. Aiden was such a trooper. He was trying to help me put everything together!!!! And he didn't want to miss a thing...he barely took a nap on Saturday!!!!

Speaking of Aiden...he is a walking professional now!!!! And he is now saying get down when he wants to get down and Granna (which is my mother). He is a ball of energy with this most infectious laugh ever.. I am a lucky Mommy. I just posted pictures of bath time today to go to his blog (click here) to see the pictures!!!!

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