Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catching my breath!!!!

Boy oh Boy...a lot has happened the past week or so. First and most importantly...AIDEN IS WALKING!!!!!! Yes you read that right. My baby is officially a toddler!!!! it is so cute to see him waking around. On Sunday he started standing up from sitting!!!! Before he would pull up on something and then walk. NOW he is completely independent and gets so excited...because I am so excited...when he is walking. He walks around clapping...lol. Too cute for words.

And secondly...Kimmy's baby shower went off without a hitch. Despite the HORRIBLE weather, everything turned out beautifully. The Mommy to be was GORGEOUS and glowing, the food was wonderful, and the cake was FAB!!!! We played Baby Jeopardy which was a HIT. I am not a fan of baby games but I played this at a friend of mines shower a few years ago and had a ball...so it was the one and only game that I thought about when planning this shower. There were 5 categories and they were Celebrity Babies, Baby Brands/Gear, Joe and Kim Blog Trivia, Baby Word Scramble, and Nursery Rhymes. LOADS OF FUN!!! I recommend it for total party participation!!!! My Mommy was a HUGE help in getting ready for the party. She came over the night before and helped me get everything together...I can honestly say that that shower would not have happened without her!!!!!! Love my Mommy!!!

Well here are a few pictures from the shower but to see the complete slide show click here.

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  1. Tell Paul great eye on the pics!!! He captured every moment of the shower even Tonya's re-entrance on your hardwood floor!! LMAO