Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 x a DIME...

Last weekend it was my turn to turn 30...and I didnt feel like it was anything special. I mean I guess I was underwhelmed or disappointed. My birthday is a very important day to me and I tend to like to really celebrate. I always knew that I would be somewhere exotic for my 30th birthday, but accepted that it would not be possible because of my current

I wasn't surrounded by friends...who will make my birthday a big deal because they know how I feel about birthdays, but I was with Aiden, Paul and my Mommy which was good. Maybe it is that 2 of my 4 BFF's that have turned 30 recently have had great surprises for their birthdays. I just didn't feel like this birthday was about me. But oh is over now.

What was great is that I got the 3D ultrasound of Noah that I wanted for my birthday!!! He is a little cutie just like Aiden...he actually looks a lot like Aiden did in his 3D ultrasound. Noah was smiling, opening his eyes, opening his mouth, and putting his foot in his mouth. It was amazing!!!

Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks and yesterday we had our check up. I cant believe that Noah will be here in a matter of weeks. But I was in the state of shock when i was told that I had gained 10lbs since my last appointment!!!!! WHHHHAAAAATTTT!!!!! That brings me to a total of 26lbs. I am so depressed!!! is true that I have enjoyed food a lot more this time than with Aiden but DURN!!!!! So I will have to be a little more disciplined in the coming weeks with what I eat. No more sweets, and chips, and liquids that are not water or juice. I am so

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