Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAJOR changes going on!!!!

As I posted earlier I have been having contractions. I thought that they had slowed down and that things were back to normal. Well I guess I was wrong!!!!

Last week after our 33 week doctor visit I had to go see my very good friend THE Reco Chapple to get my dress for the baby shower. As I was trying it on it felt like I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen. It was pretty sore but I kept on pushing. The baby shower went off without a hitch (I will post pics later) on Saturday and every time someone touched my stomach they would say how hard it was...I guess I had gotten use to the contractions...or maybe because I am always moving I was not feeling them as much.

Well the pain in my abdomen has gotten VERY uncomfortable so I emailed my doctor this morning and she had someone call me to arrange for me to come in today so they can check me out. When I got there I knew that I was not getting to see her but her PA but I talked to her in the hallway and she initially thought it was stretched ligaments and recommended one of those belly support thinggys. But little did I know that she told the PA to hook me up to the fetal monitor just to be sure.

Well after about 30 minutes on the monitor she came in...looked at the print out...and are contracting pretty regularly!!!! I look at her like...okay what does that mean? She says well I am going to put you on some meds to slow the contractions, check you to see if you are dilating, and have you come back in a couple days for a possible 24 hour stay in the hospital. WHHHHAAAAATTTTT did you just say?????? So basically after checking me, I have not begun to dilate but if I DON'T take these meds my body will eventually go into active labor. Which at 34 weeks we DO NOT want. I can only be on the meds for 2 at 36 weeks they will just let my body do what it is going to do naturally.

I am STILL in shock!!!! Besides the fact that these meds having me feeling like I am going thru withdrawal with all the jitters and stuff, I AM STUCK IN BED!!!! She put me on bed rest!!!!!! WTH!!!! I am a complete control bed rest will drive me bananas!!!!!

Upside to all of this is that I may actually get to deliver Noah vaginally!!!!! Thank GOD for my and Paul's family. My mom has agreed to do my grocery shopping this weekend and I just got off the phone with Paul's cousin (and Noah's Godmother) and she is making us dinner tonight!!!!

I am hoping that when I go to the doctor tomorrow they DO NOT have to admit me to the hospital for 24 hours to get IV fluids. I mean how much would that suck??

I hope to be able to post pictures from the MOST WONDERFUL BABY SHOWER EVER that my friends threw for Paul and I this past weekend. I can not describe the fun we had!!!!

So until then...expect plenty of blog entries as I lay here in


  1. Consider this your resting period, before the little one arrives! You will be thankful you had these couple of weeks to just lay in bed, and relax.. It will all be worth it in the end! Keeping you and baby Noah in my thoughts!

  2. Oh my goodness! I kind of felt that coming with you facebook status updates :-( I am a complete control freak too...can't even imagine having to be still!!!! It will prob be hard for you to relax during the bedrest, but try real hard! Hang in there!

  3. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! I am really trying though...the one thing that I have definitely cut out is picking Aiden up...i am sure that was not helping